Why Cipherise?

Why Choose Cipherise?

Why is Cipherise Great for Users?

Cipherise improves the log in experience

  • Fantastic user experience – Log in is now quick and simple
  • You authenticate using Invisible Multi-Factor in less than 5 seconds
  • No more annoying hardware tokens, your phone is now your token
  • Ever tried to type a strong password on a mobile phone? Frustrating!

Cipherise simplifies your life

  • No need to remember many different usernames and passwords, just one simple, memorable keyword
  • It provides a single log in experience for multiple apps/services whether on PC or mobile
  • You can even use it to open doors

Cipherise takes care of security for you

  • You are in control of your credentials and they are never shared
  • No-one else can log in with your credentials
  • Malware infected computer? No worries, your credentials are safe. You can now log in on any computer without entering your username and password

Why is Cipherise Great for Enterprise?

Cipherise creates bi-directional trust with your customers and employees

  • Always be sure that only the right people are logging on to your systems
  • Your customers can trust that it’s you contacting them, not a phishing site

Cipherise reduces your costs

  • Remove the costs associated with password resets
  • Your employees spend less time authenticating to systems and more time being productive
  • Significantly more cost effective than traditional 2 Factor Authentication solutions
  • Simple and quick to deploy – Very low implementation costs
  • SaaS delivery model – No exorbitant hardware or maintenance costs
  • Flexible licensing model – named user or transaction based
  • Self-service elements that greatly reduce password reset costs

Cipherise lowers the risk to your business

  • Become less of a target for hackers by removing the need for your systems to store usernames and passwords
  • Reduce financial and reputational risk associated with data/privacy breach

Cipherise significantly improves your security

  • Provide a single highly secure authentication experience across all internal or client facing applications including mobile apps
  • No more password sharing
  • No more need for users to write down passwords
  • Protect your organisation and users against data breaches from other service providers
  • Protect against bot attacks and brute force attacks

Cipherise provides your users with a great experience

  • Users can log in using Invisible Multi-Factor in less than 5 seconds
  • No more annoying hardware tokens for your users/customers to carry, their phone is now their token
  • Users will prefer your service over services using antiquated authentications methods

How is Cipherise different from other 2 Factor and Multi-Factor solutions on the market?

Cipherise is a decentralised solution.

Perhaps the most significant differentiator provided by Cipherise with respect to other authentication platforms on the market comes from the fact that all Cipherise authentication transactions are decentralised and completed on a user’s mobile phone, completely separate from the service being logged in to.

This is significant for two key reasons:


It addresses the challenge that the traditional perimeter can no longer be protected – there is no way to control the physical device or access points used to access a service. It is almost certain that an access request will – at some point – be made from a compromised or infected machine, and thus we must assume every keystroke is being recorded. If any credential information is entered through such a device, it is only a matter of time before an unauthorised user will gain access.


There are problems associated with centralised credential storage. Virtually all current authentication platforms rely upon a ‘submit and match’ process for granting access – a user submits their password, and this is matched against the service’s centrally held copy. This is problematic as not only are the repeated password copies creating multiple opportunities for interception, the core credential repository is a significant data-at-rest vulnerability.

There have been increasingly frequent cases of a breach where an attack is based upon gaining a copy of the centralised credential store, taking it offline, and then using brute force techniques to isolate specific user identity information. Typically, these attacks are after privileged user information, however the rest of the database gets dumped, sent to the darknet, and all users are affected.

The decentralised nature of Cipherise removes this risk by never requiring passwords or access credentials to be stored centrally. The actual authentication process is completed locally on a user’s mobile phone, and thus there is nothing central to be attacked or breached.

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