Why Cipherise

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Why Cipherise?

Bi-Directional Authentication

Cipherise provides authentication that both the service provider and user must complete, which results in creating a secure, trusted environment.

Cipherise allows the organisation to prove who they are in every transaction before the user is required to do the same

Bi-Directional trust is established in less than a second. Both the user and the organisation can be sure the other is genuine.

Protect against phishing by only having secure interactions with genuine service providers.

Passwordless User Experience

Cipherise does away with passwords and usernames, giving your customers an easy, secure login with their mobile device. With a simple, quick scan of a QR code, they can achieve multi-factor authentication in a single action.

  • Move towards a passwordless experience for your customers
  • No more complicated passwords and usernames
  • A simple, fast experience that is consistent across multiple services
  • No more credential sharing
  • All Cipherise authentication transactions are decentralised and completed on a user’s mobile phone
  • Credentials are stored locally on the user’s phone in encrypted form, not centrally with the service provider
  • Credentials are never transmitted or stored outside of the user’s phone

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