Forticode’s patented OneTiCK password entry solution protects user credentials from keyloggers, over the shoulder observation and man in the middle attacks.

 Unlike existing authentication systems, OneTiCK never requires a user to directly type their personal secret (aka password) into a screen.  

 Users are simply required to interpret the One Time Cognitive Keyboard (OneTiCK), and ‘indirectly’ type their password by selecting the button for each individual letter of their secret word, noting that the location of the letters changes every time the OneTiCK screen is presented.

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Now you can make your simple password even safer! Cipherise can give you the option of adding an extra layer of security to your secret, by using a method called 'Masking'.

This involves adding some wildcard characters to your password. A wildcard character means that you can press any button for that character.

Wildcard password examples:

The OneTiCK interface can also be modified to use different character sets where language and accessibility requirements dictate.

Through a simple configuration change, the challenge is presented as sets of pictographic symbols, foreign character sets, or any other form of memorable characters.

It is therfore simple to use a single authentication framework across many different locations and cultures, and tailor the OneTiCK interface to each user’s individual language preference.