Cipherise is a revolution that changes everything we thought we knew about authentication.  Traditionally, you would think up a secret (a password) and then give it to an organization for safe keeping, to use for matching purposes when you needed to prove you are you.  And then you would probably use the same secret over and over, trusting multiple organisations with your secret, introducing multiple attack vectors and weak points.

Cipherise turns that model on its head. Cipherise uses a decentralized authentication model that allows users to be in control of their own credentials. Your secret never leaves you. It’s never typed in, transmitted or stored anywhere. Cipherise allows you to prove you are you, without ever having to surrender your secret.

Additionally, the need for an enterprise to maintain and protect a credential store is eliminated, greatly reducing the risk of data breach. 

Staff use the free app on their own smart phone, reducing costs of tokens. The app is user friendly and most functions are self-service, reducing calls to a help desk. The unique OneTiCK™ keypad underpinning Cipherise also eliminates the need for long, complicated passwords and significantly reduces the frustration and cost associated with password resets. 

Cipherise consolidates multifactor authentication mechanisms to provide an adaptive, risk-based authentication solution that is efficient and streamlined whilst providing a military grade level of security.

​Cipherise employs both SSO (Single Sign On) as well as PKI technology in order to streamline your authentication experience throughout the day.

Successfully entering your password on the Cipherise keypad unlocks access to the user's Private Key for the requesting registered service.


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The Cipherise Admin Dashboard 

The Cipherise Admin Dashboard gives your organisation the data you need to manage every aspect of your authentication experience.  From broad overviews to drilling down for specific data, the Cipherise Admin Dashboard puts information at your fingertips.

​Presented in a clear and easy to follow layout, administrators can instantly see relevant authentication data. 

Cipherise Dashboard