• Remove administrative overheads with existing password authentication solutions
  • Support the mobile BYOD trends
  • Ease current password policies and the associated compliance burden
  • Involve minimal effort and time (low friction) for their employees and customers to use
  • Can be easily deployed across the enterprise
  • Doesn’t involve issuing and maintaining hardware tokens
  • Support multi language and graphical challenges for ever increasing inclusiveness requirements globally
  • Remove the frustration and usability issues associated with password solutions
  • Enable Multi-Factor-Authentication. (Something you Have, Are, Know – Do?) in a single experience
  • Mitigate credential store data at rest theft. Ie Dictionary, Brute Force etc
  • Mitigate identity theft of their employees and customers via credential stores


  • An easy way to authenticate (minimal friction) without compromising security
  • Avoid the need to continuously re-authenticate
  • An ability to effortlessly improve their security posture for high value use case
  • Be safe no matter what system/service they consume
  • Protection of their identity, for their entire life 
  • An awareness of their security posture based on their use case
  • They don’t have to rely on disjoint hardware devices or tokens, RSA ID etc
  • BYOD – the smart phone as an appendage 
  • The convergence of their work and non-work related authentication mechanisms

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