In the fully-connected world the challenges associated to establishing end to end digital trust are vast and dominantely opaque.  A significant challenge is the very nature of the industry itself, with significantly large global players intertwined with micro suppliers that provide small but necessary segments.  Given these small businesses are often less secure than their larger partners, they are normally more susceptible to being the point of entry into the overall collaborative logistics group. 

To achieve access to global reach and supply requires the non-trivial undertaking to convert traditional process flows and systems into globally accessible processes.  This increase in digitial capability is a requirement for continuing to operate in the transport and logistics field, but has created an unprecedented level of exposure to threats delivered directly via this new digitial channel such as the placing of false orders, the receiving of false invoices and delivery hijacking.  Unfortunately, these events are often facilitated by real accounts that have been subverted and are difficult to detect until it is too late.

Digitisation also opens businesses up to potential negative events that they would traditionally not be impacted by.  Some examples of these would be the re-routing of self-driving vehicles, the use of drones to create connections into physically secure premises and standard cyber-attacks such as phishing and denial of service.  Align these challenges with the ever increasing regulations associated to private information and user-data being published by Goverments, Regulatory Authorities and Socially Concious Companies; and we create the opposing requirements of needing to share information to facilitate logistics with the need to ensure information is kept private and secure.

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Cipherise is a unifying technology that provides a single, simple approach to establishing Absolute Trust across multiple systems ensuring the right people are accessing the right systems and that the right people and systems are continunally informed throughout the process.  Ensuring information is secure and accurate makes a previously unmanageable and insecurable process safe.

  • Provide a single login experience for all people across the entire logistics chain without the need for a centralised Identity Platform
  • Implement controls over access to systems and data using a single access rules base without having to change how this information is stored and managed
  • Offer protection from all current forms of password attack (e.g. keyloggers, man-in-the-middle, phishing, brute force, observation) for system interactions
  • Address physical access issues using Cipherise to control doorways and other non-electronic interface points
  • Ensure that the login and authentication process addresses all accessibility requirements, and doesn’t disenfranchise disabled access