Health professionals are acutely aware of the need to balance their patient’s core rights to privacy with the need to immediately access data quickly and efficiently at a point of care. Furthermore, as the provision of healthcare becomes more and more electronically based, they are required to access multiple systems and platforms throughout their day.

Adding to this complexity is the need to ensure compliance and control with regulatory authorities. Whether this is a simple as managing the way people access a specific system,  ensuring only qualified operators work on a device, or providing a guarantee that a specific individual has completed a required action within an ethical research project, it is essential that healthcare providers satisfy all applicable audits and control processes, and that these represent a verifiable and accurate history of what actually occurred.

Cipherise provides a simple way to address each of these requirements by uniquely ensuring a user’s identity can be associated quickly and efficiently with an authentication requirement, and that a health practitioner doesn’t get delayed when logging on to a system or service. A simple scan of a presented (or printed) QR code from a user’s personal mobile phone will grant immediate access to a system, device, or secured content based upon the seamless validation of multiple factors, while also providing the mechanism to dynamically ‘unlock’ patient data from the cloud under explicit patent control.

  • Massively simplify the way health practitioners access systems, platforms and secure data without compromising security
  • Offer patients the ability to control how their data is accessed and shared during presentment and in following non-presentment interchange
  • Provide certifiable audits of how people access technologies and physical areas to ensure absolute trust and compliance with policies and procedures
  • Significantly reduce service desk operational costs through allowing users to self-manage their authentication and access rules

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