Financial Services requires not only the highest security, it also requires the highest level of Trust. Customers trust financial institutions with all aspects of their lives. Whether it’s a home loan, sensitive personal data or every day transactions, customers trust their money and information will be safe.  On top of this is an expectation that the customer experience will be seamless and convenient.

The need for an environment of Absolute Trust necessarily extends to internal processes within a financial institution.

  • How can we be absolutely sure that only the right people are accessing the right information?
  • Can we provide secure physical access, making sure only the right people can enter?
  • How can the risk of fraudulent activity be mitigated?
  • Is there a way to stop unauthorised access before it occurs?

Furthermore, as phishing attacks become more and more common, it is almost inevitable that every department at some point will face a key-logger based threat (e.g. password mining) where an identity is misused contrary to policy, and ultimately breaking the privacy controls.

Cipherise addresses both the need to provide a simple, safe and secure access method for external customers, as well as a mechanism to enforce identity access rules internally within a financial institution. 

Via a simple QR scan, (enabled by a single, easy to remember secret), customers or staff can log on to required systems with confidence that their identity and credentials are safe. Financial institutions can be sure that the right person is accessing their systems, at the right time. An independent audit trail clearly shows every system and resource access request. 

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Cipherise utilises a revolutionary decentralised model of authentication, meaning that individuals are in control of their own credentials and never share them with anyone, not even the financial institution. This in turn means that the institution no longer needs to maintain or protect a database of their customer and staff credentials, eliminating the ‘honey pot’ for would be hackers. 

At an individual level, Cipherise provides a convenient yet powerful authentication experience. Utilising the patented OneTiCK™ keypad, users can have a simple password that survives observation and brute force attacks. Your customers will love the ease of use and appreciate the higher level of security it provides.