With the increasing introduction of technology into the classroom, the last thing a teacher needs is more complexity around the process of logging-in and accessing Student Information or ensuring an accurate record of identity within a Learning Management platform. They are also acutely aware of the need to protect their students, and make sure their entire electronic experience is safe, and that their privacy is not put at risk.

Add to this the fact that teaching now reaches beyond the classroom, and that parents are becoming more involved electronically, and you have an almost certain probability that you will face a form of security breach which will further complicate your life.

Cipherise addresses the problems of unauthorized access by introducing a simple and seamless way for users to login without the need for passwords, and where high security is completely abstracted from their experience.

Through a simple QR scan, user login credentials are locally verified on their mobile phone, and access is granted without the need to type a password, transmit this secret across a wire, or have it verified against a centrally managed copy. Furthermore, as each student (and their parents and teachers) manage their own identity locally within Cipherise, there is no longer the need to manage complex password rules, or allocated time and cost to cumbersome password reset processes.

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