Use Cases

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Use Cases

Cipherise has developed capabilities and use cases beyond authentication. The platform builds on the core concept of decentralised, secure multi-factor authentication with additions such as eSigning, workflow approvals and bi-lateral real time verification.


Organisations need to ensure the right person is interacting with their cloud services.

Cloud Service Logon example


Organisations need to ensure an immutable audit trail exists for actions occurring with their business.

Workflow Based Digital Signatures example

Cipherise provides a risk based approach to digitally signing off and approving on actions, documents, events as an individual or as part of a workflow with multiple signatures.

Physical Building | SSO | Mobile

Organisations are starting to desire physical access controls without the complexities or risks associated to existing solutions.

Physical Door Access example

Cipherise provides Multi-Factor security for the real world. Triggers can be QR Code, Beacons, NFC, etc.

Mobile Application Logon example

Having bespoke security for mobile is costly and has significant lead times for patching. Maintaining brand and user experience is paramount to all organizations.

Cipherise integrates at the Organisations Service Layer – a single approach for all channels that preserves experience and brand, without compromising security.

Workflow Approval | Call Centre

Organisations are under more pressure than ever to positively identify their customers on inbound channels, including helpdesk.

Inbound Customer Identification example

Integrating Cipherise into the inbound customer experience means no PII needs to be related over a phone call – a simple request originating from the organisation ensures positive identification.

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