Twas the nightmare…

Twas the nightmare…

‘Twas the nightmare…

… before Christmas and our data all housed,
Not a light was a’ flashing, though our suspicions aroused.
The server room locked and backed up with care
In hopes we’d return with no hacker in there

But a hacker won’t sleep. They’re far from their beds
As visions of passwords dance in their heads
While the security network need only nap
No time to settle, “That Data’s on tap”

When in through the system, a digital chatter
Arose the IT geek to exclaim “What’s the matter?”
Away to the Windows, machine in a flash
Entry is breached they’re in to our cache

When what to our eyes should become very clear
Our miniature champion we know is in here
The moon rises high, a sigh, as we go
The lustre of Cipherise, protects us you know

With all of our drivers, so ready and quick
I knew at a moment it must be OneTick
Secure like a shield, prepared when they came
No data, no passwords, not even a name

No dashes, no answers, but with great conviction
No commas, no hash-tags, but every restriction
No Systems were breached, no entry at all
Your basement, O’ hackers, Dash away all!

It’s simple, secure but always beware
Don’t let the night, become a nightmare.
Safe and secure, every thing’s right
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Have a safe and Happy Festive Season from all of us at Forticode
…we’ll talk again in 2018.


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