Tony Smales is the driving force behind Forticode.  In his eyes, just because you have the authority to do something does not mean that it is truly you making the request; especially in this age of high-tech fraud actors.  Forticode solves this problem once and for all using its Cipherise platform which empowers Validated Intent across Physical and Logical systems – ensuring awareness and validating intention quickly and easily.

Tony has a diverse background that started commercially at the age of 15 when he started working in the computer game industry.  Securing an honours degree in computer science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence, he then enjoyed a long consulting career across Risk, Energy, Telco, Insurance and Gaming industries; settling into senior roles in Technology R&D and Petrochemical.

Tony created Forticode when he recognized the world was becoming more connected, more technology dependent and thoroughly compromised.

Tony Smales

CEO and Founder

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