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Authenticity underpins every trusted relationship. We’ve achieved the un-achievable by creating a digital twin of the human trust relationship. Simple, quick, secure, and free from doubt as to who is connecting on one side and who you are connecting to on the other – a true mutual assurance that guarantees confidence and safety when interacting digitally. Empower your business with absolute trust and absolute freedom.


Looking for inspiration? Looking through desperation? Simplify and secure your business through improved employee experience, transparency, and control. Reduce friction, costs, and risk. We enable financially based growth opportunities through mutually authenticated identity.


A single solution that embeds into your product, removing all the stress associated to identity and access. Eliminate human error, data leaks, and forgotten passwords with little effort and no stress. Go beyond passwordless and abrasive MFA.


Authorisation is just as critical as authentication and shouldn’t be compromised in experience, security, or capability. Our approach ensures authorisation events come from a legitimate source and is received then actioned by the intended recipient. Nobody else.

Solutions for your business

Downtime can be costly, a blow to your revenue. A loss of control could be catastrophic, to your reputation, especially when it is avoidable. This could have a profound effect on the identity of you as an individual and more widely for you as an organisation.

Our unblemished record.

Formal independent penetration and security testing has been performed by multiple entities with zero compromises.
Informally – our base server architecture has been attacked by multiple sources – most recently, we integrated into AUCyberScape – The Australian Cyber Security ecosystem built by AustCyber ( – and within a few days of going live, we were on the receiving end of a protracted human-controlled attack, which was 100% unsuccessful.

Formal Independent security
Base server architecture security
Human-controlled attack security
Authentication security

Agency over your financial growth.

100% of the people accessing your service, content, or capabilities are authorised customers. Whether they are paying customers and you wish to protect your revenues and minimise fraud, or a free service, your choice can ensure their data, and your data is simpler and safer to access. Change the cadence from “how do we stop” to “how do we engage and service”.

Never again provide access to an imposter or have a customer account compromised

We halt systemic misuse and misappropriation of identity and authority that is subsequently used to perform fraud, mischief, or deception. Our innovating solutions enable businesses to simplify all interactions for their employees, customers, and partners whilst maintaining the most human friendly secure digital engagement. After all, it is our humanity that is both the security and insecurity when dealing digitally.

The game changer for on boarding, customer assurance and authentication.

Next generation solutions that identify you to any compatible online, mobile, or cloud-based platform with 100% certainty and no dependency on usernames or passwords. Onboarding is designed to be 100% controlled by the organisation whilst providing the flexibility to support managed and self-service models. Every authentication, every authorisation, every notification is locked into a single consolidated audit trail and protected from tampering during and post transaction by our patented bi-directional, cryptographic entanglement.

Why should I even care?

Protect your organisation’s reputation and financial prosperity against unnecessary downtime or worse still, loss of data and customer confidence. Increased security protocols with simplified UX to access any system, mitigates all possibility of an identity based breach.

No system is impervious, but our goal is to enable business whilst protecting people. All people – employees, executives, customers, and partners. Forticode eradicates the ability to gain illicit access to your systems and services, whilst making it financially impractical for anyone to attempt to break in or interfere. By removing the honeypot of legacy identities and separating identity and security into a seamless, decentralised capability, we completely disempower miscreants. No longer can they invest a small amount of time and money and get a big return on lifted credentials and data – we force them to spend a large amount of time and money where they get nothing at scale. We make you an unsavoury target.

Improve customer and employee engagement through the reduction of authentication friction whilst removing common costs such as password resets.

Solutions for common challenges

Whether it’s Single Sign On, Multifactor Authentication, Unified Audit, or VPN access, there exists in the market hundreds of point solutions that solve a challenge. The problem for your company arises when you integrate and support tens of solutions in parallel that were never designed to work with each other leading to increased costs, complexity and risk, and decreased transparency and control.

Forticode have produced a platform approach that allows your organisation to solve one or more common challenges where the user experience and security are unified, and you have one place to control, audit, and manage.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is one of the largest risk items an organisation has as access to this service provides “keys to the kingdom”. Based upon experience, It is crucially important to increase the controls associated to privileged access management while eliminating the possibility of breach. We integrate with your existing PAM solution, or provide our own controls that ensure no unauthorised access is granted to your critical systems.

Enabling and Enhancing Digital Transformation

Your existing investments are important, and any solution that requires you to rip and replace  or perform a big-bang roll out are too destabilising to contemplate. Our multi-service architecture ensures a gentle and controlled transformation where existing legacy approaches can be maintained side by side for a period. Transform in your timeline.

Sovereign Secure Hosting

Forticode understand data and privacy, especially the need for Sovereign guarantees around location of data and processing. Whether you are a small business or a large multi-national, our solutions allow for complete containerisation of all data we handle such that it is stored and processed in country, in state, or in house.

Simplified On-boarding Environment

When it comes to your employees and customers, everyone is different and every use case has a different risk profile. We enable quick and flexible onboarding that ranges from completely autonomous through to invite only. Managed by your and your administrators, self serviced, or integrated to your current workflows.

Delivering to a customer’s requirements

A key customer had two very specific requirements they needed someone to deliver on.

The first was that they needed a non-transferable approach to ensuring only a select few system administrators could access their Privileged Access Management (PAM) tool.

The second was that they needed a guarantee that all data and processing would be performed within Australia’s sovereign borders as their organisational charter required this.

Enter Forticode – we leveraged our Australian Sovereign Partner AUCloud to deliver a Sovereign Host that is IRAP assessed to PROTECTED, aligned with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Cloud Assessment and Authorisation Framework, and guarantees sovereign data protection and processing with no risk of extra-territorial intervention.

We then deployed and provided a seamless integration in front of their existing PAM solution mitigating the risk that system access could be achieved by a non-authorised person.

Bi-directional Entanglement

Eradicate the dependency on one-sided “prove to me” usernames and passwords. We ensure that every access is a legitimate access by having the enterprise perform a zero-trust proof to you, and you performing a zero-trust proof back to them.

We achieve this process using our patented bi-directional entanglement process which doesn’t just ensure both parties are legitimate, but it also ensure they, and the transaction, haven’t been tampered with either. When your organisation asks an employee to confirm they wish to access Payroll – it’s them. When your customer wants to see their account balance – it’s them.

To create this seamless and safe experience, we re-wrote the logic behind access and leapfrogged everyone else. Zero trust, passwordless, multi-factor authentication – they’re just not good enough.

We’ve achieved the goal of enabling channel of choice for business interaction – whether it’s on an app, on the web, face to face, or on the phone – Forticode simplifies and unifies access and authority.

Cutting edge technology

Forticode replaces traditional identity and authority (username and passwords, pins, One Time Pads [OTP’s], Multifactor Authentication [MFA], etc) with a cutting-edge decentralised approach that implements the most accepted tried and tested security methods in existence. For those with a curious mind, we implement the decentralised generation and management of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), enhancing the way public keys are shared and verified such that every interaction requires two or more parties to perform zero knowledge proofs.

Further, we bind the keys into an immutable relationship such that one side is unable to operate without the other, allowing our cloud service layer to cross validate the legitimacy of both the sender and the receiver.

With this framework in place, we can facilitate any number of use cases from infrastructure and enterprise controls, through to seamless consumer access.

Bi-directional Cryptography

Looking for inspiration? Looking through desperation? Simplify and secure your business through improved employee experience, transparency, and control. Reduce friction, costs, and risk. We enable financially based growth opportunities through mutually authenticated identity.

Indeterminant Ciphering

Our patented shoulder surfing safe keyboard where short passwords can be entered in fully compromised, plain sight, without giving away your password to an observer. This keyboard can be customised to show any language or even symbols, allowing biometric free, yet 100% safe access for everyone – including pre-literate children and illiterate citizens. OneTiCK  is our proprietary interface to provide users with a choice.


Our latest patent enables us to strengthen our authentications and transactions to the point they are resilient to unlimited compute brute force manipulation. We look forward to the post-quantum world.

Enable relationships like never before

Solutions to advance your user experience and interactions will have a profound effect on productivity and satisfaction. Enhanced productivity creates inclusion, validation, community and increases our sense of security. Providing an ethical and principled approach to business while enabling secure interactions between individuals, enterprise, and community, no matter where you are, where you were, or where you may be going.


Integrating into existing systems is where the real power of Forticode’s solutions stand apart. Migrate your core products one by one where they continue to own their specific function but benefit from seamless access where employees and customers gain a universal key experience where they no longer need to remember anything or worry about Cyber threats.

Leveraging standards, custom built adapters, and our own published API’s – you can provide a unified usernameless and passwordless user experience gradually across your systems and services without re-inventing the wheel.

In most cases,
it’s scan – approve – in.

Nothing to type, ever. The ability to simplify these crucial interactions while increasing security, creating an environment of trust with a sense of satisfaction that is unheralded in cybersecurity.

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