Secure Digital Engagement

Secure Digital Engagement

Today establishing and maintaining a trusted digital relationship between parties is a fundamentally broken process.

Organisations spend billions per annum worldwide on point solutions that solve segments of the problem however fail utterly to combat systemic fraud and bad human behavior.

Forticode has a solution that reverses this trend.

At Forticode, we bring security and awareness to every transaction by delivering bi-directional, multi-factor security, simply and invisibly; providing a framework that delivers trusted, continuous digital engagement in both the digital and physical worlds.

You want your customers to have a secure and trusted experience when interacting with your company. How do you create that trust?

Secure Digital Engagement. With Cipherise.

Secure Digital Engagement ensures a bi-directional trust fabric that allows the individual and the services they interact with to engage in an unprecedented manner, being:

  • authenticity
  • level of intention
  • convenience and ease of use
  • awareness and involvement in verification process
  • high security

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