Our core product, Cipherise, comes in multiple forms depending on your industry and your use cases.

Cipherise Enterprise

Cipherise for Enterprise delivers Secure Digital Engagement via a sovereign service that is unique per customer.  You can choose where data is kept and where processing is executed.  Suited to mid to large Enterprises that wish to provide an integrated experience across cloud, internal, external, and bespoke systems for employees, customers, and partners.  Cipherise for Enterprise provides a complete end to end transformational capability that provides immediate enhanced audit and control, whilst reducing risk and friction from people.

Cipherise For Business

Cipherise for business is delivered to end customers via one of our valued partners  Designed to allow Cipherise to be deployed to any size business, from small to large, it provides the same functionality as Cipherise Enterprise without the need for the partner or the customer to deploy new infrastructure.

Cipherise for Developers

Head to where you can try parts of our functionality for free. Cipherise for developers is a sandbox running on standard shared infrastructure. Anyone can download the Cipherise mobile application and then use it to sign up for a free account without providing any private or identifying information. From doing a quick prototype service integration through configuration only all the way to testing deep integration use cases; only your imagination (and some terms and conditions) will limit what you can achieve.

Cipherise Powered

We have embedded libraries for Android and iOS that allow you to include Cipherise directly into your own products and apps. Remove signup friction, eradicate forgotten accounts, eliminate account borrowing and protect your service revenues – all whilst making it easier for your members.

Cipherise Secured

Your service doesn’t have or need a bespoke mobile application but you would still like your users to experience your brand for every interaction? Most elements of the Cipherise User Interaction are customisable to ensure the trust relationship is between you and your customer, not your customer and us.

Cipherise Enterprise

Its what we removed that makes it different

Cipherise is about making things quicker, simpler, safer. Not something you hear everyday when it comes to security and identity. We took a different approach and decided that what businesses really needed was the ability to enforce transparent control and compliance, whilst making employees more effective and able to just do.

The questions you should ask yourself as to whether Cipherise is right for you.
  1. Would you like to complete eradicate usernames and passwords and all the associated pain of risk management, process management, compliance, resets, forgotten account, etc
  2. Would you like to enable your employees to access the systems required to perform their duties quickly and simply anywhere, not just at their desk?
  3. Would you like to be able to centrally manage and control who can access what? In a way that ties in with your existing controls?
  4. Would you like to have your brand front and centre every time they interact?
  5. Would you like to protect your employees from being phished or scammed? Whether they are at work, at home, or on the road?
  6. Would you like a single audit trail that provides attribution of access for every system?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then let’s look at what might be currently worrying you.
  1. Do you have concerns about employees sharing credentials that could then be used to perform fraud, breach privacy, or compromise your organisation?
  2. Do you make employees jump through hoops to get access to systems – i.e. username, password, two factor, SMS, tokens, one time password generators? Are they different per system? Do you still enforce complex and ever-changing password rules?
  3. Are you concerned about employees working from home, or working from anywhere except the office?
  4. Do have you a patchwork of identity and security tools that need to be carefully managed and continuously monitored in order to provide access controls?
  5. When an employee leaves, do you worry about ensuring credentials are updated? Especially cloud services that can be accessed directly?
  6. Do you worry about controlling and auditing access to certain systems to maintain legislative or compliance requirements?
We understand your worries, contact us for a Cipherise demo and a discussion about your organisation, your challenges, and where you are, and where you would like to be.

Introducing WaveAuth – it stops anyone logging in – even if they have your username and password, they can’t use it! Cipherise allows an employee to scan a WaveAuth code to start the interaction where single-use, mutual multi-factor cryptography ensures the only person coming in, is who you think it is.

We mentioned earlier that Cipherise for Enterprise is all about what we remove, so here’s some points:
  1. We remove the need to share credentials with your employees.

    You read that correctly. Unlike every other approach you’ve been marketed, Cipherise removes all credentials from the users. This isn’t a password manager, this is complete eradication. We replace sharable, phishable, risky usernames and passwords with CipherCords - our patented mutually entangled digital relationships that are based on high order cryptography. The key advantages of Ciphercords over traditional credentials are:

    • Each one is unique and in three parts - ensuring no single point compromise and no bulk attacks
    • Each binds a relationship between a device, a service, and your organisation – which is then mapped to a person
    • You can’t give them away, they can’t be stolen
  2. We remove friction

    Your employees don’t need to type, remember, choose anything ever again. On ANY computer – you don’t need to have used it before or created a tight binding with it – you head to your Cipherise enabled company portal, point your phone at the encrypted QR code (WaveAuth) displayed and then acknowledge it. It’s that simple, and it’s quick. Cipherise knows which Service you are trying to access, works out which Ciphercord to use, and then performs all the work of validating legitimacy of the source, all before asking your employee to acknowledge that they do wish to login. It’s mutual multi-factor security with a simple, consistent action for your employees. The user experience is akin to simply verifying you wish to use the service – would you like to login to the services portal? How about office365? Or Salesforce? Everything else is transparently handled by Cipherise.

  3. We remove the risk

    • Everything is completely decentralised thus removing single points of attack and failure.
    • No credentials are utilised as everything is time limited, one-time valid cryptography, meaning it can’t be replay or reused.
    • There is no insider attack, which is where most the bad things truly happen. Half the Ciphercord is created and kept by the employee during enrolment, so Forticode, Cipherise, and your own systems administrators can never complete a signed transaction as anyone else as the required keys to do so don’t exist anywhere but with the user; and they don’t even know they have them!
What does Cipherise for Enterprise provide?

There are three key constructs facilitated by Cipherise for Enterprise:

  1. Authentication – access control to a system or services
  2. Authorisation – system originated reach out to confirm an action with the employee prior to it happening or committing
  3. Signatures – system originated reach out that allows for data to be digitally signed into an immutable checkpoint

Cipherise Infrastructure Requirements

  1. Software as a Service

    Every Cipherise for Enterprise customer runs as a sovereign node – no shared databases, no shared data.
  2. On Premise

    Your Cipherise for Enterprise instance can be run on your own Kubernetes virtual infrastructure, or, as a set of virtual machines.
  3. Sovereign Managed Service

    You choose where to run it – private cloud, public cloud
Cipherise Services Portal

Cipherise Services Portal – a safe and convenient place where your employees can access everything, anywhere.

The Cipherise Services Portal is an employee facing place where your company can publish every system an employee needs to perform their work.

Service Capabilities

The Cipherise Services Portal brings together multiple service and integration types across identity sources, cloud services, apps, integrations and more. The administration portal allows new services to be easily added and managed, and include:

  • SAML2.0 Services – configure to integrate cloud services
  • Radius – enable Cipherise as a second layer to protect radius enabled controls
  • Reverse Proxy – publish internal website to the open network without the need for a VPN, bespoke user management or a DMZ
  • HREF – Bookmarks that appear on every computer, every browser, every mobile
  • Single Sign On and Single Sign On Groups – control the flow of friction across different applications dependent on how important an application is
  • Audit Log – Complete log of all events kept air gapped on the cloud component of Cipherise
  • Event Log – An RFC 5424 compliant log that pushed real time to your choice of syslog and/or log management tool
  • Admin portal view – web based controls for configuring and customising all service integrations.
  • Helpdesk service – role based reduced administration view
  • Branding control per service
  • Deployment service – enables multiple service portals and independent instance control
  • Link to enterprise identity stores – AD, ADFS, 389, any LDAPS source
  • Embedded OpenLDAP available

You control the experience.

Onboarding your audience

  • Self Service
  • Managed
  • Portal

Aligning with a transformation

  • Legacy Support
  • Managed authentication
  • One time codes and offline
  • Multiple data sources

Aligning security with user friction expectations

  • Every service has to paths of friction
    • Direct
    • Indirect (via the Services Portal)
  • Choose the friction based upon how you need/want you user to perceive the service, not whether you are securing it or not

Cipherise API’s

Every key function provided by the Cipherise framework is available as an API call allowing for bespoke integrations into applications and services

Cipherise SSH/SUDO

A specialised adapter that drops onto a *nix server and ensures no direct root access or privilege escalation occurs without the proper authority and attributable audit trail

Cipherise for Desktops - Beta

Specialised adapters that enable Cipherise to be used on Windows Desktops, MacOSX Desktops, (coming soon) Linux Desktops, and Windows Servers

Cipherise For Business

If managing ‘s IT and security is your business, then contact us about adding Cipherise for Business to your toolbelt.

Cipherise for Business enables you to setup and manage all of Cipherise’s Enteprise capabilities as an ongoing value add to your customers – existing and new. Providing a very attractive value proposition, Cipherise for Business allows you to have a central transparency and control option that can fill the gaps your customer knows the have when it comes to being cyber-safe in this day and age..

For you, it allows your business to focus on providing higher value service outcomes rather than dealing in costly time wasters such as password resets, or concerns relating to someone giving away their credentials due to a phishing exercise.

Cipherise Powered

Remove signup friction, eradicate forgotten accounts, eliminate account borrowing and protect your service revenues – all whilst making it easier for your customers, members, or employees!

Cipherise Powered is a complete enablement package that allows you to create or update your own apps to be powered by our Sovereign Zero Trust platform. Never ask your customers or employees to download another companies application every again!

It includes:

  • iOS and Android libraries
  • Choice of public, private, or a sovereign Cipherise Cloud service that is specific to your organisation / application
  • Server-side API’s for simple back end integration

There are many benefits to embedding Cipherise and include:

  1. Eradication of signup friction. Simply running your app for the first time creates the CipherCord that protects it. A CipherCord is a bi-directionally entangled cryptographic approach that guarantees privacy and uniqueness for engaging with your service. No need for an email address, a username, or a password – nothing.
  2. Brand control. Every part of every interaction is now completely yours – fully immerse your customers in your brand for everything – enhancing trust, and never ending up in that embarrassing situation where you ask your customer to trust you, but then hand them over to someone else for authentication.
  3. Protect your customers, protect your revenues. Once Cipherise is implemented, your customers become immune to all common cyber threats such as Phishing, SMSishing, social manipulation and more, meaning that your customer can no longer lose their account. It also means your customer can’t give away or loan their account either – ensuring only true customers are accessing your services.
  4. Simplify everything. Cipherise’s bi-directional nature allows for a triggering event for an authentication or authorisation to be started by the customer or by you. The same experience and safety can be applied via your app to desktop, face to face, chat, and even phone based support.
  5. Improve usage. Our WaveAuth tech allows you to display a service entry point on any device. Imagine being a service where your customer can walk up to any Smart TV, any computer, any mobile and access their content safely and legitimately?
Cipherise Secured

Provide all the capabilities of Cipherise Powered to your customers or employees, but leverages our existing, free app, Cipherise which can be downloaded from both Google Play and Apple Stores.

Not every company is ready to take on the ownership of embedding Cipherise into their own app and this is where Cipherise Secured comes in. Leveraging our server-side API libraries, a complete integration for user lifecycle is transitionally available where all the benefits are realisable, just in your own branded container within the app.

Many companies have opted to leverage this approach already

Key Features:

  • Branded Cipherise App Container
  • Optional in-app Splash Screen
  • Colour, font, background, and item customisation per interaction screen
    • Notification
    • Approval
    • Biometric
    • OneTiCK
  • User side audit trail
  • Personal configuration options including
    • Unlock app options
    • Glance effect for OneTiCK presentation
    • Scanner on Launch
    • Shake to scan
    • Local lock out recovery
    • App live persistence
  • Legacy support for Time base One Time Keys (Token mode)
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