Martin Duursma

Forticode Board

Martin is a Technology Business leader with over 30 years’ industry experience. In his career he has been a founder of a successful Australian technology company, Datapac Australasia. After Datapac was acquired, Martin served a lengthy tenure at Citrix as a corporate executive where he has been responsible for the CTO Council, global innovation and applied research. While at Citrix, Martin also established the Citrix Startup Accelerator which broke new ground as an innovative corporate accelerator helping startup teams to validate business and technology ideas. Martin is also an angel investor and a strong supporter of the Australian startup scene and advisor to the Sydney University Incubate program. He is active in a number of Australian advisory capacities as a member of the Macquarie University Science and Engineering Faculty Advisory Council and as an active member of Global Access Partners, a policy and implementation institute. He is also serves on the board of trustees of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View CA.