Forticode and EY joint initiative

Forticode and EY joint initiative

Media Release: Forticode and EY excited to shake up the cyber security world in joint initiative.

28 November 2017: Download Media Release

Forticode is excited to announce an important relationship with EY that will see Forticode provide state of the art cyber security solutions with EY through the innovative and unique authentication platform, Cipherise.

Forticode is a Melbourne based cyber security company specialising in authentication innovations that eliminate the threat of information and credential theft while improving customer engagement. In the digital age where people’s identities and digital footprints are shared through the internet, across mobile devices and in the hands of third-parties, Cipherise gives control back to the user.

Cipherise creates a personally-held digital identity that is never replicated or shared. Cipherise also reduces the risks of security breaches for administrators through the use of a decentralised system.

Richard Watson, EY Asia-Pacific Cyber Security Leader said the firm looked forward to offering its clients improved cyber security in a growing digital environment thanks to Forticode and Cipherise.

“The Forticode Team has come up with a simple yet highly innovative way of providing strong authentication and an excellent customer experience which will better protect the working world,” Mr Watson said.

“The simplicity of Cipherise, combined with its practicality, will see an increased adoption of this ground-breaking solution.”

Tony Smales, CEO and founder of Forticode, said he was excited by the opportunity to work with EY and provide a solution to tackle increasing cyber risks and challenges.

“The team at EY have been outstanding to work with – from the first meeting where we demonstrated how Cipherise can best protect people and organisations in the digital world and how we can achieve quality client outcomes; everyone from EY has been supportive and enthusiastic,” Mr Smales said.

“Many organisations are initially sceptical of the benefits and capability of Cipherise as it comes across as being too simple or too good to be true.

EY’s team immediately seized its global potential and have been working with us to set a clear and achievable path to delivering the future of digital security.”

Forticode will initially focus on providing cyber security support with EY in Australia, and over time will expand to support organisations across Asia-Pacific.


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  1. I am so excited about Forticotes advancement into the market and am waiting for much larger advancements in the near future.

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