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Security should be a two way street

Your customers can feel safe when interacting with your company knowing that Cipherise provides Bi-Directional Authentication. This means they can always be sure they are interacting with your business.

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Passwordless User Experience

A great user experience doesn’t mean forgoing security – with Cipherise you can have both. We say goodbye to usernames and passwords while providing Multi-Factor Authentication that is invisible to your customers.

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Keep the keys to your identity in your pocket

Your customers credentials are never sent or stored outside of their phone, unlike most ways of authenticating. Instead, credentials are stored in a secure enclave on the user’s phone, so control is always in their hands.

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Cipherise: More Than Just Authentication

The Cipherise Platform uses the foundation of decentralised authentication to build out capabilities and use cases across your business

Invisible digital &
physical MFA

real-time verification

Workflow Approvals


Authentication –
Physical Access

Digital Identity


Chad Gates –
Managing Director/CEO

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