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Cipherise for Business and Cipherise Whitelabel

There are two key flavours of Cipherise:

Ciperise Whitelabel allows your interactions to become Powered by Cipherise. Fully embedded into your products and services, we enable you to simply and securely service the identity, authentication, authorisation and privacy needs of your customers.

Cipherise for Business is a turnkey product that can allows you to be Secured by Cipherise. It is purchased as a service directly from Forticode or from one of our valued reseller parters.

Key customers

Trust should be a two way street

Cipherise isn’t a belts and braces approach that uplifts the security model for certain use cases and leaves your organisation open to internal attacks. It’s an entirely new approach that leverages world’s best cryptographic methods to create a bi-directional entanglement between users and systems that makes Account Take Over and Credential Theft history. With Cipherise, every action is secure, convenient and quick.

Once enabled, even if you had my username and password, it is now useless.

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Passwordless AND Usernameless

A great user experience doesn’t mean forgoing security – with Cipherise you have both. The best security position you can give your users is one where they don’t need to know anything – protecting your staff and your customers from threats and scams internally and externally.

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Decentalised by design

With Cipherise, there is no central store of credentials – in fact, we require no personally identifiable information (PII) to be kept. We generate unique mathematical relationships utilising a patented decentralisation approach which ensures there is no single point of compromise – from the outside or the inside.

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Cipherise: For Business and for Customers

Cipherise is a single approach to solving all your digital problems – whether it’s validating an inbound caller into a call centre or controlling access to a highly secure back end server, Cipherise is designed to integrate seamlessly into 95% of your existing use cases. For the 5% that don’t apply, we transparently co-exist with your existing methods.

Invisible digital &
physical MFA

real-time verification

Workflow Approvals


Authentication –
Physical Access

Digital Identity


Chad Gates –
Managing Director/CEO

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