Bi-directional Trust in Every Digital Interaction

The Cipherise platform brings security and awareness to every interaction your customers have with your company by providing bi-directional trust, simply and invisibly.

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Secure Digital Engagement

You want your customers to have a secure and trusted experience every time they interact with your company. How do you create that trust?

Secure Digital Engagement ensures a bi-directional trust fabric that allows the individual and the services they interact with to engage in an unprecedented manner.

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Cipherise: More Than Just Authentication

The Cipherise Platform uses the foundation of decentralised authentication to build out capabilities and use cases across your business

Invisible digital &
physical MFA

real-time verification

Workflow Approvals


Authentication –
Physical Access

Digital Identity

Cipherise embodies a simple approach to delivering secure, bi-directional engagement between digital applications and end users. It employs true Multi-Factor Authentication and by making it essentially invisible to the end user, and becomes the single, simple, secure key that enables transparency, cybersecurity, compliance and awareness for every interaction – for both your organisation and the end user.

Our Technology

Cipherise is a revolutionary product that achieves what was previously thought impossible in the world of technology, by addressing the competing objectives of increasing the level of security on a platform and removing complexity for end users, without compromising on either. This was the challenge that we set ourselves and which Cipherise delivers.

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Chad Gates –
Managing Director/CEO

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